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Hail and Greetings Minions!


     There are a few basic rules this guild is governed by and they are as follows:


1) This guild is not a democracy and it is not a dictatorship, it is ran by two individuals, the Fallen Emperor and his Chosen Dark Apostle!In any case the Fallen Emperor has the final call and say on any policy and his word is law!


2) As a guild we are a community of players that have come together for the better enjoyment of the game! With that being said, any member that is disrespectful to other members or is found to be harassing fellow guild members will be removed from the guild post hast without question if you are found guilty you will be banned for life.


3)Voice Chat, our guild uses ventrilo which is a free program and can be downloaded at it is not a requirement with the exception of raiding! You do not have to have a microphone but it is encouraged that members join our ventrilo server to become better familurized with their fellow guild members!


4)Officers are a highly demanding position in our guild, they are constantly tasked for various jobs throughout their time in service to the guild, so respect them because without them the guild cannot hope to strive!


5)Failure to abide by the rules that have been set forth can result in punishment within the guild, which can ultimately result in being banned from the guild. If you are banned from the guild and feel that it was not just or you were banned for the wrong reasons or do not believe that you should have been banned you are allowed to post an appeal in the guild forums and the Guild Master and Assistant Master will review your appeal. If your appeal is withdrawn you will be reinstated to your previous rank, if you are not reinstated then you are not allowed to resubmit another appeal for 15 days! If your second appeal is accepted you will be reinstated into the guild as a Heretic. If your appeal is denied then you will be banned from the website and guild completely.


*NOTE: These rules and regulations are subject to change according to the Current Reigning Guild Master!

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