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re: .::Guild Rank System::.


The following are the guild ranks and how to obtain each rank along with the members responsibilites. please note that asking or begging for a rank is highly frowned upon.


Heretic: (Recruit)

*The Heretic is the basic recruit rank assigned to all members upon joining the Legions War March!

-The Heretic is charged with the duty of learning the inner workings of the guild and preparing themselves to take on higher roles within the Legion.


Berzerker: (Enlisted)

*The Berzerker is the rank awarded to members whom have proven themselves loyal to the cause and surpassed their trials to become a fully fledged Warrior worthy to carry the Legions Colors!

-The Primary task of a member with the rank of Berzerker is to assist in teaching the Heretics the way of the Legion, by guiding them ether with the writings of the Legions Emperor or assisting them in becoming an active contributor in the Legions overall goal!


Daemon: (Senior Enlisted)

*The Daemon is a senior enlisted member whom have proven their loyalty many times over, they have ascended among their peers to prove that they are class experts and are second to none within the enlisted ranks!

-Daemons are the heart and blood of our Legion, they spread the Fallen Emperors word as law through the server striking fear and hatred into the hearts of others! They primarily are used as recruiters to continue to bring more minions into the cold reaches of the Legions War March! Their secondary objective is to learn the job and responsibilites of a Lieutenant!


Lieutenant: (Junior Officer)

*Lieutenants are the juniors of the officer corps! They are the frontline battle commanders of the legions forces standing beside the Dark Captains to assist them in effectively leading the legion to victory!

-Lieutenants are lower grade officers that are tasked with the training of the legions troops! They are usually seen commanding small strike forces of 4 members while being observed under the charge of one of the Legions Dark Captains!


Dark Captain: (Senior Officer)

*Dark Captains are the heart of the officer corps and the Leaders of the legions many companies! With the assistance of Lieutenants the Dark Captains reign supreme in larger unit combat!

-Captains are senior officers that are tasked with overseeing all members of their company! They re usually seen commanding large strike forces of 8-16 members and are strictly charged with ensuring victory in the name of the Fallen Emperor!


Dark Apostle: (Assistant Guild Master)

*The Dark Apostle is the supreme leader second to the Fallen Emperor! They reign superior over all members and answer only to the Fallen Emperor!


Fallen Emperor: (Guild Master)

*The Fallen Emperor is the divine leader of the Legion and reigns supreme above all others! His word is law by the Dark Gods Divine!

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